Jan 2019 – LI NY, Peter Singh, the Selden resident accused of embezzling more than $3 million from Five Town Pediatrics, PC, a local pediatric practice, in Woodmere and Bellmore was sentenced to three to nine years in prison on Jan. 9 and ordered to pay $3,102,764.30 in restitution.

Singh, 43, pleaded guilty before Judge William O’Brien to grand larceny second-degree on Nov. 7

Between 2004 and 2018, allegedly embezzled more than $3 million. He was arrested on May 15. He was employed as the practice administrator and had access to bank accounts and payroll. During the time frame, he arranged for a direct deposit from the business account into his own account in the amount of roughly $83,500. He then arranged to give himself pay totaling $1,126,800.

He added his wife to the payroll for $1,726,700 with the funds going directly to himself; he also added his step-daughter to the payroll. The money — $136,053 — went to him, and he set up a false company collecting $29,600.

Having issues with the business account, Pediatrics Healthcare hired a certified public accountant to review the financial records. The alleged fraudulent activities were then discovered.

“This defendant was entrusted with managing Five Town Pediatrics’ finances, and he betrayed that trust when he stole more than $3 million over eight years,” Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said in a news release. “Peter Singh’s greed will cost him his liberty, and I’m grateful to the NCPD and our prosecutors for bringing him to justice.”


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